Research & Education

Massage and Bodywork is often still considered a luxury you treat yourself to while on vacation or for a pampering/spa day on your birthday. It unfortunately is also often mistaken as adult entertainment. These misconceptions are roadblocks that prevent many people to receive the proven benefits of healing bodywork as an essential part of integrative healthcare.

In order to help establish massage and bodywork therapy as the truly beneficial and valuable treatment modality it is within the medical field, I am firmly committed to support research and education in the field of massage and bodywork.

I am therefore always in search of clients who are willing to participate in case studies. If you have a condition, believe in the benefits of massage therapy (or are at least open to give it a try) and would be interested in becoming a client in one of my research projects, please contact me and I would be more than happy to discuss a potential collaboration.

I am also available as presenter for speaking engagements and/or workshops on topics in the area of massage/bodywork or holistic healthcare. Outreach is essential to educate as many people as possible on the benefits of therapeutic massage, drug-free pain management, holistic stress relief as well as the nurturing and healing benefits of spending more time in a natural environment. Please contact me and let's put together a wonderful event or presentation!