Aloha and E Komo Mai ~ Welcome !

Welcome to Barefoot Aloha!

My name is Andrea Winzer and I am Board Certified Massage & Bodywork Therapist and Natural Healing Practitioner. 

​In my practice, I provide an Oasis in the Overwhelm that offers you a space to relax, breathe, connect with yourself, and find long-lasting solutions for your health issues through a holistic approach to your well-being in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. My work is inspired and supported by the Healing Spirit of Aloha that encompasses the balance, beauty and wisdom of the natural world as well as a deep connection to all creation.

Based on many years of experience, I offer holistic treatments that not only address the symptoms that appear on the surface, but go deeper to help you heal and release the underlying causes. I listen to your body and the story it has to tell and I value and see you as a whole person, not just as the issue or problem you bring to my office.

I offer a variety of different Therapeutic Bodywork modalities, Craniosacral Therapy, Hawai'ian Healing Arts as well as Talk Therapy/Coaching & Spiritual Counseling together with Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, and Energy Healing to create uniquely tailored sessions that serve your individual needs and goals so you can feel good in your skin and enjoy life to its fullest!

​​I look forward to welcoming you in my beautiful space in Hazlet, New Jersey, for your personalized healing session or at a workshop/training, retreat, or another event!

E Aloha Pau 'Ole!


(NJ Massage & Bodywork License # 18KT01093400 / National Board Certified Therapist for Massage & Bodywork #862026)